Have Cockroaches Invaded Your Space?


Turn to a reputable pest control company in Lafayette, LA

There are few things worse than finding a cockroach in your home or office. When you spot a cockroach, it's best to act fast. Hire Ragin Pest Elimination for professional pest control services. We'll go above and beyond to make sure every cockroach and their nests are exterminated from your property.

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Prevent cockroaches from entering your home

Cockroaches in the Lafayette, LA are typically larger than the average bug. They'll find their way into your home or office through cracks in the floors, walls or ceiling. After getting pest control services, it's best to start practicing preventive methods. This includes:

  • Drying out damp spaces
  • Cleaning up crumbs or food residue
  • Patching cracks or openings in your walls, floors and ceiling

Our pest control company will offer tips for keeping cockroaches out of your home or commercial facility.

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