Moisture Control

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Moisture Control

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Ragin Pest Elimination LLC in Lafayette, LA also specializes in proper moisture control for your crawlspace and attic. Using a unique set of controls, sensors and fans, our service helps to protect your crawlspace and/or attic against high moisture levels which can lead to mold, mildew, wood rot, termites, and other unwanted pests. Through proper ventilation, the system protects the structure of your home by decreasing humidity levels in your crawlspace or attic. Our attic products additionally ventilate based on extreme temperature conditions.

The function of what we do is simple. Ventilate a crawl space with intake and exhaust fans pulling the outside air in when it is better than the air inside the crawl space to reduce crawl space moisture. If the air is not better, our panel tells the system to sit tight or use a dehumidifier to control the crawl space's environment. Controls and sensors constantly measure scientific data from the crawl space and outside air to decide which air is the best to use in a crawl space.

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