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All types of insects, rodents and wildlife can find their way into your home, bringing along dirt, diseases and feces and leaving behind a big mess. Kick pests to the curb and keep them from coming back with professional pest control and extermination services from Ragin Pest Elimination. Our local pest control company works with both homes and small businesses in Lafayette, LA to prevent and control pest infestations and odor control services all around your home.

Say goodbye to creepy-crawlers

Is your home protected from termite damage? Have pests invaded your home or business? Turn to Ragin Pest Elimination for...

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pest control service lafayette la

Pest Control

Eliminate pests and stop them from coming back.

termite control lafayette la

Termite Control

Prevent termites from destroying your new home

bed bug pest control lafayette la

Bed Bug Control

Get safe but powerful bed bug treatment services.

rodent control lafayette la

Rodent Control

Evict rodents and wildlife from your property.

Why hire Ragin Pest Elimination?

There is nothing more unsettling than finding rodents and pests in your home. Get the quality services you need from Ragin Pest Elimination in Lafayette, LA and take advantage of our...

Licensed pest exterminators

24-hour emergency services

Free termite and pest inspections

Eco-friendly pest solutions

Flexible scheduling

Termite damage warranties

Innovative techniques and treatments

Money-back referral offers

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