Pest Control

Count on Ragin Pest Elimination for reliable pest control in Lafayette, LA

Pest Control

Pests, who likes them? We don't!

Getting rid of them is our top priority and making your home or establishment a safe and secure one, free of pests is our goal at Ragin in Lafayette, LA.

Here's a list of what Ragin Pest can eliminate:



Our treatment methods are catered to your specific needs, however, our standard treatment is as follows:

Unwanted pests can cause disease, cost money in repairs, and cost any property serious problems. We will service both the inside and outside of your home or business.

The exterior is accomplished by treating all areas that are conducive to insect infestations and insect entry. Sweeping spider webs, treating ant mounds, removing wasp nests, and removing debris; are only some ways that we give your property extra care.

The interior treatment is a combination of various methods and strategies that prevent entry and infestations of unwanted pests. We will target any insects that are infesting, eradicate them, and keep your property properly maintained to prevent any future infestations in Lafayette, LA.