Are You Afraid of Spiders?


Our pest control company in Lafayette, LA will remove them so you won't have to lift a finger

In addition to being one of the creepiest of creepy crawlies, some spiders also have venomous bites. Ragin Pest Elimination will remove these pests from your home so you can have peace of mind again. We'll cater to your personal preferences when it comes to our extermination techniques. Schedule pest control services in Lafayette, LA today.

Show spiders to the door

If you see more spiders in your home than you'd like to, you should hire a pest control company to get rid of them sooner rather than later. You'll want to let a professional pest control company take care of your spider problem because:

  • Females can produce over 1600 eggs in their lifetime
  • Spiders can indicate the presence of other pests
  • Their webs are bothersome to walk through

Let us do all the stomping and smushing for you. Call 337-234-3095 today to schedule pest control services.