Fleas and Ticks

Are Fleas Taking Over Your Property?

Fleas and Ticks

Find a solution with the help of a pest control company in Lafayette, LA.

Did Fido bring fleas into your home? Tackle your infestation immediately with professional pest control services. The experts at Ragin Pest Elimination will get to the root of your flea problem. Using tried and tested methods, we'll exterminate the fleas and offer insight into how to keep them out of your home or office.

Turn to a reputable pest control company in Lafayette, LA to get a lasting solution.

Eliminate ticks from your home or office

Ticks are more than a nuisance, they're a threat. Keep your family and pets safe with professional pest control services from Ragin Pest Elimination. Our team will remove all ticks from your home or workplace and treat your property to keep them away for good.

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