Prevention Is Key to Pest Control

Get reliable termite prevention services in Lafayette, LA

Many parts of Louisiana are prone to subterranean termites, a type of termite that creates tunnels in the ground to destroy your home from the bottom up. But now, you can get long-term termite pest control from the start.

Ragin Pest Elimination in Lafayette, LA installs high-quality Termimesh termite barriers around your home's foundation during your new home construction. This will prevent subterranean termites from getting past your concrete foundation and into your home's wooden structure.

Contact us today to learn more about Termimesh, an effective and affordable termite prevention solution.

Shield your home from termite damage

Termimesh is a physical termite barrier made from flexible steel mesh strong enough to prevent termites from chewing or crawling through it. Our termite pest control professionals have an in-depth knowledge of termite behavior and can ensure quality reliable installation.

All Termimesh termite prevention barriers come with a lifetime warranty. Call today to schedule your installation.