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How does Trelona® ATBS® work?

After bait stations are found by termites, they work to provide ongoing structural protection through termite colony elimination.


Termite baiting stations are strategically installed around the perimeter of your home, often in landscape beds adjacent to the home. Installation requires digging 2 1/3 to 3 inch diameter by 1 foot deep cavities into the ground, and these cavities are placed approximately 10 to 20 feet apart. Once these cavities are created, the stations are placed within the cavities—working throughout the year to protect your home. Your pest management professional will then come to your home once per year to inspect the stations and provide service.

Colony elimination

While tunneling in search of a food source, termites find a Trelona ATBS bait station, feed, then leave a pheromone trail behind them as they travel back to the colony. Upon returning to the colony, they share the bait with others and recruit more termites to follow the pheromone trail back to the source.

What they don’t realize is the bait contains Novaluron—an active ingredient that prevents the termites’ vital process of molting. Over time, more and more termites will have fed upon the bait and start to die, beginning the process of colony elimination.

What makes Trelona® ATBS® a trusted choice in baiting systems?

The superior design of Trelona ATBS leads to proven performance while maintaining a low profile.

What customers are saying

“I have so much confidence in Trelona ATBS that I have it around
three of my properties. I wouldn’t want to use anything else.”
– Tracy L., Lafayette, LA

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